Specializing in IBM Model M  Repair…

(…and a few other neat things!)

Model M Work Queue Status:
*** Currently servicing:  #276 ***

[ Bulletin Board ]


Still running really behind on everything but haven’t forgotten about anyone.  The timetable got really skewed.  Like, a lot skewed.  Additionally, my mail server has apparently had some issues lately so if you’ve emailed me recently please re-send your message.


Ok, so that month passed by in a blink of an eye.  Stupid dumb time, acting all linear and stuff.  How annoying.

I started a new job which put more constraints on my time, so until January or February I won’t be accepting any new orders***.  I need to finish up what I have right now and take a little break.

***I will make an exception for emergencies, like you JUST spilled something all over your favorite M, in which case the quicker I can take it apart the better.


Last week was a bit crazy hectic so I didn’t get as much keyboard work done as I had planned, so I’m running a little behind.  Currently working on #276, which I was hoping to have done last Wednesday.  The current keyboard queue goes up to #289 (which is a fun one…: an SSK that accidentally got run over with a car.  Surprisingly, it’s superficially unscathed.)

Anyways – I have a bunch of boards (#262 through #275) done, but haven’t been packed up to ship back.  *Hopefully* I’ll have those squared away by this weekend.

If you haven’t heard from me, I’ll be catching up soon.


Ooooh. Symmetry.

Anyhoo.  Overhaul service is back.  For now I’m only offering the USB controller and underlay in combination with the overhaul service to keep things flowing smoothly.

I’ve added a new page listing most of the M’s I have on hand by date here.

I think I’ve just about caught up on getting in touch with everyone who’s contacted me, but if you still haven’t heard back please feel free to holler at me!

Side note:

I made this gif early this year after seeing quite a few SSK’s come to me for repair which had pinched ribbons.  Technically they still function but it’s definitely not healthy for the long term.  So here’s my PSA:

Make sure the ribbon connectors are safely tucked in while closing the case!!!

output_tfqfrbPlease share this gif wherever you think it would be beneficial.


So! I said I’d likely be accepting overhauls again on the 6th.  I’ve pushed that to either today or tomorrow. Yep.

“Sometimes you’ll find
That you’re going forward backwards…”
– The Evens “Minding Ones Business”


I’ve had 20+ emails asking when I would be making my overhaul service available again and to put them on the waiting list. Some of these people have multiple M’s they’d like to send in.


If you haven’t heard back from me (you probably haven’t) rest assured that you’re in the waiting list.

I have 11 M’s on hand still that need some lovin’. I’ve had slightly more time available recently and my goal is to get at least one done a day.

So! I’ll likely be accepting orders again on the 6th (Tuesday) so more boards can start flooding into my workshop.

Basic overhauls with no add-on’s will go to the front of the line, USB will be pushed a little further back, and I’m not sure if I’ll be doing underlays again quite yet.


Phosphorglow Weather Outlook:

Fair to moderate productivity with intermittent chances of high frequency sonic reverberations.


Have you ever felt like a wounded cow
halfway between an oven and a pasture?
 walking in a trance toward a pregnant
        seventeen-year-old housewife's
                 two-day-old cookbook?
                  -- Richard Brautigan


Two notes:

> For as many keyboards in my workshop awaiting work which do not belong to me, their respective owners have all been exceedingly patient and I’m immensely grateful for that consideration. Thank you! 🙂

> I wish part of my daily routine was having to deactivate HAL 9000. This scene, if for some reason you didn’t know…:

Every day.


Will someone please press the reset button on this year?  That would be super keen.  Thanks…

I’m officially beyond worn out.  I’m finishing up my current queue of keyboard work and then taking a break.

I am incredibly difficult to get in contact with at the moment and I can’t apologize enough.


Well pump, pressure tank, soldering copper pipes, HVAC blower motor and wheel.

What do these have to do with my keyboard related work?

Besides taking up all of my weekend, absolutely nothing.

Today will be one long day and likely a late night.


On a note that I meant to update a few days ago, I started a photo album for Version 2 of the replacement controller. My 3D printed covers are pretty sweet… ;P

(DesignSpark Mechanical is one AWESOME piece of software!!!)


So, on the occasion of my 250th overhaul, I had wanted to make a nicely shot video following the process. I don’t have time right now to fiddle with filming it and be all picky about editing.  Instead, I went the photo route.

I’d like to use this as the basis to the guide I started writing.  I think it’s pretty darn swell. It shows what sort of work is involved and what steps I go through during a rather regular overhaul.

Anyways! Check out the album!


I’m still way behind on my work schedule.  I’m really not used to having this much all at once.  Once upon a time I had perhaps up to 3 keyboards arrive in the span of 2 weeks.  Now I have to have a designated shelf to keep everyone organized.  I’m not complaining – but I also hate keeping people waiting.

I have a lot of people waiting on me to finish their ‘boards! If you’re one of those people and you’ve entirely run out of patience, yell at me via e-mail and then perhaps peruse the above linked album.

I love doing what I do, and I want to make sure what I do is quality to the best of my current abilities.  Lately, that’s been taking me so much longer than usual, and also making me pickier about what I consider “quality”.

Anyways, again, yell at me if you just can’t stand the wait any longer! 😛


Yes, I sit there and put silly little EPDM rubber o-rings on each of the screws now.  Additional work requiring more time, but I think it’s worth it, and I hope everyone I’ve kept waiting will be quite pleased with the end result.


Well I do believe I’m sufficiently happy with the way this one turned out… 127 is my new personal best. Neat!

2016-07-04 20.49.15


379 precision drilled and tapped holes. I’m getting back into the groove.

2016-06-29 12.43.51


I’ve been neglecting my photos. I uploaded more. Excuse the mess, please!




Y’know, it’s been a moment since I’ve yammered on.

It’s been crazy. Whatever. It’s subsided relatively sufficiently to say that things are normal-ish now.

I took a few days to completely re-organize and de-clutter my workshop which was overflowing with a wall of 68k-era Macintoshes and other assorted obsolescence which had no business mingling with the keyboard related work that was quickly gaining a gravitational pull of its own.

It was all out of whack. It’s way more optimized and pretty looking now. The lighting is nicer. I don’t feel as cramped. And I have room to pace around aimlessly. Neat.

After a long night, #242 has finally been put back together. It was a wonderful change of pace to finally get one re-assembled and typing wonderfully again. Needed a replacement membrane. Neat example of the transition to the second era as it has the early style plate without a glued on membrane set. (…which, were way cool. And assuming that first generation style doesn’t get wet, the glued together idea seems to work really well in terms of preservation…)

Anyways, I made two new changes to what I do.:

– Running taps with a nice M2 tapper

– Using EPDM o-rings that are just the right size to fit around each screw and fill out when compressed by the conical underside. Nice little cushion which presses laterally against the steel plate and also pushes against the plastic barrel frame. I think this is rather ideal as it roughly mimics the stock heat pressed flues/rivets. Or at least that’s my theory. I’m rather pleased with the new change so far, though.

Also – while I’m on that topic…

The M2 tap. Previously I had used a 1.7mm drill bit and allowed the threads of the machine screws to tap their own threads. Which works great, but it’s still a little snug. I’d be tempted to try a 1.8mm bit. But anyways, a while back I bought this tap, and I used it on a few M’s and liked the way it worked, but wasn’t too happy about the screws potentially coming out of adjustment. The o-ring seems to add enough pressure to hold the screw properly in place.

Also included in that long night was #238, a 122-key that made its way to me back in… May? May sounds right. Perhaps April. Yep… Anyways, I dis-assembled it after I had already finished the bolt mod and it was actually quite functional but I wasn’t entiiiiiiirely happy with the way it felt and figured it would also benefit from the new o-ring idea. It did. I’m happy. It’s happy. It can go back to its home in The Netherlands now.

Also also: The controller.

It’s pretty neat. Port options between Mini, Micro, and good ‘ol USB-B. Bluetooth is functional, but I’m not entirely satisfied with it yet. I’m in the process of modelling and 3D printing the new port covers. The new layout also allows it to fit more readily in the later style 122 M’s. Version 1.0 was pretty bad about a lack of mounting options in 122’s. This version plays a little nicer.

Okie dokie. I need a nap.

Oh! Before nap:

I’m changing part of the description on the Overhaul page.


My experience comes from over 200 full tear downs and rebuilds. Typical turnaround time is about a week (depending on what's in my queue) not including transit time. I don't rush my work, and I'm not done until I'm happy with the way it feels. If I can't comfortably type at least 100 words per minute, I tweak it until I can.


My experience comes from over 200 full tear downs and rebuilds. Typical turnaround time (not including transit) is somewhere between a week and over a month depending on what my schedule allows. I don't rush my work, and I'm not done until I'm happy with the way it feels. If I can't comfortably type at least 100 words per minute, I tweak it until I can.

Short story:

Your Model M will stay in my care until I'm absolutely satisfied with it and the quality of whatever add-ons you may have opted for. Sometimes I'm right on the dot, sometimes it takes me a little longer.

Rushing isn’t quite my style.






Normalcy has not yet been restored.

Close, however, as I now have time to get back into the groove and rearrange and clean my workspace. The feng shui was all sorts of screwy.

Two weeks. I need another two weeks.

And I’ve gotten more orders for my overhaul service. I’m not finished with the first 20 yet.

I’m running behind.

An excerpt from a very recent e-mail to sum things up:

"I've been having a very "Murphy's Law" type month and my balance of keyboard related work time is severely disproportionate to the actual amount of keyboard related work I have. In addition to the 10 I have disassembled at the moment, I have another 10 still in the boxes they arrived in. I do check them when they arrive to make sure they weren't broken in the mail. Yours has arrived safely.
 Long story short....:
 I'm really behind on everything and I'm very sorry about the delays!
 The plus side to the wait is that I'm a bit of a perfectionist, so if I don't have the time to dedicate to doing something to the best of my ability it doesn't get done. Hence the gaggle (perhaps herd...? Maggle. Definitely "Maggle"...) "maggle" of M's in my care that haven't quite gotten cared for as of yet..."

Heh… Maggle.

I’ll yammer on about the small change I made to my process soon-ish.


I’m fixing a hole
Where the rain gets in
And stops my mind from wandering
Where it will go…

Seriously!? COME ON!!! I swear, I can’t catch a break as of late. Flash flood in the area, and the roof is leaking. It is entirely possible I will never catch up with anything at this rate.

If your keyboard is in my workshop, and has been for… oh… two months or longer, well…: Good things come to those who wait.

On top of everything that keeps getting me sidetracked, I’ve been holding off on re-assembling this current queue. I’ve refined my methodology ever so slightly, resulting in a rather neat change in the overall feel and sound of my bolt mods. If your board is with me or is on its way to me, it will be getting the new treatment. I’ve always striven to provide the best bolt mods I can with the goal of getting as close to a stock feel and sound as I could. I’ve done a rather swell job of it so far, but I just got better.

(I’ll explain it later, but it has to deal with a certain push/pull dynamic, and my rather clever little addition.)

I’m going to do my best later to catch up on emails. I know, I’m notoriously difficult to get a hold of. Sometimes I require some poking and prodding. Even more so when nothing seems to be moving forward.

(It also doesn’t help that multitasking in my brain is very much like Macintosh System 7.)

05JUN16 @ 2:30AM

I need to fire my secretary.

Oh wait… that’s me. :X

(A pile of emails unanswered
The coyote serenades in the breeze
When henceforth shall I commence?)

I’m stupidly busy at the moment. Please pardon my brevity.

The poison ivy is significantly less itchy.



(On an actual bulletin board, this would be a fluorescent pink piece of paper written in thick permanent marker and attached with a staple gun. )

I was already a bit behind with keyboard related work, and then other work got busier, and then I got covered in poison ivy from some much needed yard work. Derp. So, for the next two weeks,  any *new* orders will have to be pushed to the end of the queue. I’ll definitely get to them, just be patient with me. Been a rough but exciting year. Except for the poison ivy. That sucks. Anyways, this will give me time to catch up on everything and *hopefully* get development of a few new/revised goodies all worked out.

Also, yes, the new version of the USB controller is in, and yes, it’s awesome.

Thanks everybody!!! 🙂


“We know what happens to today when it becomes yesterday. It waits for them. It waits for them, the timekeepers of eternity. Always following them behind, cleaning up the mess in the most efficient way possible: by eating it! ”
-The Langoliers


Almost… back… to… normalcy…!

Taking a week away from everything else to plant myself in the workshop. I have 16 M’s in my repair queue. That’s at least 48 hours of work. Some of those have some special requests. Some of those have some big issues. Two of them arrived from Hungary. More are in line that haven’t even been mailed to me yet. I like this.

I’ve had to re-arrange quite a bit of my operation. All mold making/resin casting supplies and equipment (…decided I really should buy a vacuum chamber/pump, so I did) has migrated into the other room of the workshop where I also have my “paint booth”.

Also, for some silly reason, I picked up a 3D printer on sale.

I may be losing my mind, but some really neat stuff is bound to happen. ^_^

Keep sending me M’s (…and the occasional F’s) to work on. Perhaps I can make something full-time-ish out of this whole shebang with custom work. That would be awesome.


I’d like to take this opportunity at 4AM to give a big shout out to everyone over these past two years who sent me their trusty Model M(s) for repair or bought one (or two) from me. Thank you! Seriously!

If one or more of your M’s is in my workshop at this moment, I’d like to thank you for your patience and support. Bear with me a little longer. I had a surprising amount of them migrate to me at pretty much the same time, and about half of them had some degree of customization. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I don’t rush my work.

I don’t make much money from doing this and it takes a big chunk of my time (about 3 hours per board, minimum), but I love doing it and I love that enough people out there have an affinity towards these silly contraptions that I get to work on them regularly. I love that I occasionally get one shipped to me from the other side of the world. I love giving renewed service life to the same keyboard someone has been using for a decade or two. I love that I’ve had the opportunity to learn a broad spectrum of subjects and develop some rather useful skills. All for the love of the M – a keyboard I remembered typing on as a kid and snagged a few for $3 each at a flea market about a decade ago. Then I never wanted to type on anything else.

(…and then I started hoarding them, and even rescuing them from impending doom and the ravages of time and nature.)

Again, really – thanks for the support. You’re all awesome!!!

As a quick recap of my previous rambles, here’s (most of) what I’ve been up to:

– researching and learning as much as I can about mold making and casting so I can re-create the bottom shells of the M15. This got bumped up on my priority list and has taken a lot of my time, but I consider it to be really important. The gentleman who sent me a few to work on has had carpal tunnel for 25 years, and the M15 is the most comfortable keyboard for him to type on. That is, when the ball joint isn’t broken and he’s able to tent it properly… Hence the new bottom shells and me learning something else that I previously knew absolutely nothing about. Yay internet.
– redesigning, and then redesigning the redesign of my USB controller.
– switching to a vinyl on top of Mylar for my underlays instead of painted Mylar.
– attempting to organize the combined knowledge of nearly 250 overhauls into new videos to help people who want to do their own bolt mod do it well. And not only make videos, but make good videos that are nice to look at, nicely edited, informative, and hopefully amusing and fun.
– and regular life outside the realm of Phosphor Glow. I’m only one person! Cut me some slack! 😛

Thanks again! And if you haven’t heard from me in a few days or so, you will soon.


A little bit of a queue going on here as of late…

2016-04-11 18.35.46


Whoa. Couple of days have passed apparently. Nobody gave me that memo.

Turns out I rather enjoy video editing, especially with multi-camera cuts. I can’t wait. :X

I got on here to specifically update some bit of news and I can’t remember what. It’ll come to me. In other news, I’m finally upgrading to a new DSLR! Not that I don’t love my 300D, it’s just that… well… it’s been dropped, subjected to filthy industrial wastelands, taken apart, and dropped a few more times. I’ve even taken apart the lens. So, I picked up a 20D for cheap, and another for a spare – because I love having spares… And finally a lens with image stabilization, because I prefer handheld shots.  Should be exciting.

Mold making and resin casting. Wow. I mean… wow. I’ve spent about a month now researching, thinking about, and waking up in the morning to some sudden realization of whatever aspect of reverse engineering an injection molded part was bugging me. Brand new M15 case bottom replacements will be happening.

All because of an e-mail I got asking if I could “repair a broken ball joint on an M15”.

I thought I could come up with something clever. Nope. Nothing as elegant as a brand new piece, anyways.

Of course, this new skill means new possibilities.

I’m sure you can hazard a guess as to what I might have in mind.


GoPro + two additional cameras. I hate video editing, but I’m sort of getting excited about the 50GB’s of raw video footage I have now. Sort of. Ayeeee…..

Here’s some raw footage of me working and manning the other two cameras. The extended version of the video this is part of will be… thorough. And hopefully amusing. And not boring to watch. And I’ll be narrating it. And there will be a PDF guide as well.

(QOTD: “I have a surprising amount of clingfilm…”)


Wanna learn a thing or two about mold making and resin casting? This is good stuff.


Working on the guide, making reference materials. One of which explains why I think the drill locations in relation to the steel plate are important, especially with flat head(conical bottom) screws.  And why I use pan head screws in the center row, and flat head elsewhere. Today I receive 1,100 pan head screws instead of flat from my supplier. *facepalm*

(Happy accident, though: these are my preferred stainless pan head screws I didn’t think I could get any longer. I guess I could keep ’em and be set for another ~135 M’s…)


B-52’s mood has migrated to Fugazi mood. Things are getting really serious. In a great way.


“Everybody goes to parties
They dance this mess around
They do the Shu-ga-loo
Do the Shy Tuna
Do the Camel Walk
Do the Hip-o-crit

Ah-Hippy Hippy forward Hippy Hippy
Hippy Shake, Hippy Shake”

B-52’s mood means good things.


If you’ve come here after finding the YouTube video set to private intending to ask me to put it back up, hold ‘yer horses. Be patient. A guide derived from the knowledge and experience from doing it over 200 times is in the works. I’ve figured out a thing or two in that span.


Time has a nasty habit of disappearing overnight.
(you like subtle variations on Beatles lyrics, ‘eh?)

So – since I’ve last posted, the FAQ page has yet to be updated, and V.2.0 of Colossus has not been sent to OSH Park . Allow me to briefly explain a little bit of how my workflow tends to snowball:

Task: Finish the FAQ page.
What happened instead: Begin working on a full comprehensive guide to cleaning and bolt modding the Model M, and making note of certain emails that I’ve answered that actually explain things sufficiently. Regarding the guide I’m working on, I feel personally responsible when I see or hear of a bolt mod gone bad and I think I could have prevented it by having made available a comprehensive guide with good methods. And if I could go back in time, I’d punch myself for making that stupid video with 14k views that everyone loves. I hate it. It’s awful. It has a a lot of good solutions and methods I still use, but they weren’t explained properly and… well, I’ll quit rambling before I get upset. Something proper is in the works. A guide to end all guides.

Task: Update a few things on the USB controller design so I can have more manufactured before I run out.
What happened instead: I completely redesigned it.

Lots of small differences that make me happy when it comes to me being picky. A few major noteworthy things though:

– More bluetooth friendly, though at the moment only in combination with Adafruit’s EZKey HID board that always seems to sell out. Someone more clever than I can probably figure out how to use a different module, as all of the pins are there for use and the rest is in code, but it’s beyond me for now. [Update: turns out I’m clever enough if I just read the friggin’ data sheet for the RN42 module…]The main goal of Colossus was and continues to be a controller to replace the stock PS/2 and make the Model M natively USB, with no permanent modifications at all. Bluetooth just happens to be a (really neat) bonus. Plus, the battery life is pretty darn decent – I get between 50 and 60 hours of continuous use!
– The option between USB-B (still my preference as it suits the Model M), Micro and Mini ports… as long as my measurements are correct and I designed it properly. Well, Micro is a certainty, Mini I have not tested. But probably.
– Thicker PCB. V1.0 was a little thin for my taste but was still durable (I’ve done some aggressive stress testing… they still operate after being bent nearly in half…)

On top of the physical aspect of the controller, I spent more time learning additional AVR specific C programming. Hubba.

Task: Make my LED add-on better, so I can do more than just Caps Lock without being annoyed at the level of tediousness involved, while ensuring their visibility at a number of viewing angles without being obnoxiously bright. Subtle is the goal.
What happened instead:
Stayed up all night redesigning the entire LED setup, and then came back the next day to scrap most of what I did and come up with another design. There were so many revisions I didn’t even bother counting. And though I’m very happy with what I’ve created, I have a pretty clear concept of what I’ll be doing with it next – which also involves scrapping most of what I’ve already done. And if that idea fails, well, I’m already happy with what I’ve made. Win-win.

Task:  Find a better material for my underlays, because painting custom cut Mylar is a little tedious despite being very effective. (…make sure the surface is completely clean, keep my paint booth maintained, etc. etc. etc…)
What happened instead: I had a brilliant idea. Instead of a different material, what happens if I put adhesive vinyl ON TOP of the Mylar and THEN cut it? It works rather well, that’s what. Of course, I spent most of last night and this morning weighing the merits of using 5mil or 2mil Mylar in combination with vinyl for superiority in washing, bending, initial cutting, temperature during washing, as well as the best way to get my cutter to properly cut them in combination. And then looking for the most cost effective vinyl in the best colors I can find, in the proper length. I do believe I’m sticking with 5mil Mylar with vinyl on top – the end result, despite being a little more complex to cut, just feels so much better.

I did list a gaggle of M’s to be sold. And nearly all of the ones listed have found new happy homes. Which means I need to overhaul another round once again.

I did update and implement a new photo organization strategy. Well, I pretty much accomplished that, but it’s still a work in progress. I did get my DSLR to behave and I’m now using it more so I don’t have a ton of boring pictures. Anyways, I now have a Flickr page, which I absolutely LOVE! Flickr is fast, responsive, easy to work with, photo management is super simple, batch operations are awesome, interface is intuitive, etc. etc. etc.

On top of all that jazz and other regular life stuff, I’m also working on:

  • a “broken trace doodad” (I’m not even going to explain that right now, but it’s gonna be prettttty handy for people…)
  • Model M work jig plans (to go along with the bolt mod guide)
  • M15 ball joint replacement (which involves molding and casting new plastic pieces, and also overhauling the keyboards while I’m at it, and converting them to USB)
  • And a handful of M’s sent to me for overhauls, with various degrees of issues. Two of them are beyond my ability to properly convey the air of epicness which radiates from them.

So – if you’re wondering why it’s taken me a while to give an update, or why it’s taken me a while to converse with you, I hope this explains it. 🙂

Bear with me and be patient – lots of awesome things are happening at the moment, and I really don’t like to rush things.


The FAQ page will be getting some much needed and long overdue attention very soon!

A gaggle of M’s are about to be listed for sale!

Exclamation point period!.

Additionally, Version 2.0 of my USB controller will be sent off to OSH Park soon to check the changes I’ve made. I’m nearly out PCB’s for V1.0, which means there are close to 100 of them roaming in the wild. Time for more…!

I believe I’m pretty well done with the idea of a maintained index of photos in the fashion that I previously used. Big ‘ol gallery time is nigh.


Been a while since I’ve posted a note on the bulletin board. I’m still around, and still overhauling Model M’s. As of today I’ve finished my 191st Model M. It’s nice one from ’87 whose owner has been using it ever since it was originally purchased with an IBM PC 5170. At that point, it’s more of an old friend than just a keyboard. I really enjoy these opportunities to do what I do and get keyboards like that back into service.

I’m still trying to figure out a better organization strategy for pictures, but in the meanwhile, my 183rd overhaul is quite possibly my favorite one to grace my workbench.

If you’re looking to have your Model M overhauled, let me know! And if you’re looking to purchase one, I have plenty on hand that I can pull off the shelf and work on for you.


Alright. It’s the 27th of May and the site is back up. Still a work in progress, but more organized on the back-end to help move things along and get it where I want it. Plus I finally got pictures of about 60 Model M’s uploaded.

Speaking of which, all but a handful of them can be found in my Previous Model M’s Archive. The plan is to organize the pictures a little better to keep the most interesting ones up top, starting with the finished screw mod and the internal label(s) initialed by the workers.

I’ve finally started using tags to keep things organized, and these are the notable ones:

  • Grungy – Dirty, grimy, greasy, rusted, and otherwise previously unpleasant Model M’s. These are my favorites.
  • Underlay – Boards that I’ve added a colored underlay to.
  • LED – Boards that I’ve added LEDs to.
  • USB – Boards that I’ve converted to USB.

When it comes to USB,  LEDs, and Underlays, the farther back you go, the more you see the evolution of my current methods. Time travel. Neat. And sometimes embarrassing. Boards tagged as ‘noted’ are, well, noted, because I need to fix something like duplicate or badly proportioned pictures.

These I need to work on a bit:

  • IBM Model M Repair Service – Because it’s the bulk majority of what the Phosphor Glow do. Screw mod/bolt mod/rivet replacement/reconditioning, call it what you will but I’ve done it 130 times, and I’ve been told I do a pretty decent job of it.
  • IBM Model M Add-ons – My focus on “modifications” to the Model M has been refined to add-ons: Non-permanent, removable, reversible, modular additions to customize your keyboard without damage or intense modification to the original components.
  • Classic Computing Corner – My severely neglected little corner of this site, overshadowed by a bunch of M’s. Despite their lack of presence here, I have about 200 classic computers – most of which in various states of disrepair, in need of plenty of TLC.
  • Frequently Asked Questions – Still working on this, obviously.
  • Favorite Photo Collection – Doesn’t exist yet, but I occasionally take a really nice looking photo of a grungy keyboard with my beat up Canon 300D, so I’d like to compile them. Miscellaneous Debris has a number of noteworthy photos hanging about, though.
  • Phosphor Glow’s Model M Collection – Also simply doesn’t exist yet. I’ll get to it eventually. My oldest M is from ’85. Most of them are grungy and old, some are really busted up. I like ’em that way.
  • My Reconditioning Time Lapse Video. Ugh. I can’t even watch it nowadays. I want to re-do it. A number of things are still about the same, but there’s so much I’ve done better since then.
    Big tub of water? Totally lame, totally inefficient.
    Laminating every label? Quite unnecessary.
    Removing the internal label with a heat gun? No. Just… no.
    Tightening/tensioning the screws? Very very very different.
    Soundtrack? At least that’s still fun.