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Claire: 1391472 SSK – August 3rd 1987


She came from Planet Claire!

(I was listening to the B-52’s a lot while reconditioning this board.)

I replaced a handful of springs, the membrane assembly, and sanded/painted the back plate. A few keys were replaced before I got the board. The original keys are one-piece, but the replacements are two-piece. No big whoop.

Oh, and the labels. I re-created ’em in GIMP and laminated the originals.

The before pictures were taken in February of 2013 and I apologize for their largeness. Since then I’ve honed a few skills, tested a few theories, and custom made a tool or three.

I’m a little bit sad to part with this board – my personal SSK is this boards twin!

(This board’s new owner had better sell it back to me if they ever get tired of it… :P)

(Also, I have a set of triplets from ’92 that I haven’t gotten around to yet. MINE!!!)

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Winona: 1391401 – August 22nd 1987

I’ll start things by showing off the keyboard I’m typing on!

I normally don’t get super picky when it comes to cleaning my personal keyboards – I feel like if I do, the next day I’ll go off and spill coffee all over it… I guess I save my OCD for other peoples boards. Anyhoo, I wanted to give this board some special attention. She’s a white label from August of 1987.

I actually found this one by stepping on it.

Upside down, in a pile of broken glass and other assorted debris. I almost didn’t take it with me, but luckily I couldn’t help myself. 🙂

I love every little battle wound and scar. Each one is a reminder of how well made these boards are – as well as a reminder of where this perfectly functional keyboard would be if I hadn’t rescued and restored it.

A landfill.
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