Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will you ever finish this FAQ?!


Seriously. I really need to. I have a plethora of starred and noted emails full of good info, I just need to organize it… Derp.

  • Can you fix my Model M?


Well, as long as it didn’t reach terminal velocity before landing on concrete.
…though I’d be interested in taking the challenge.

And as long as it wasn’t burnt to a charred lump in an inexplicable fire.
…but I’d certainly give it a good scholarly try to salvage the steel plate, at least.

ran thru dishwasher? Yep. Link m13

Left outside for years? Yep. Link

  • What about Unicomp’s repair services?

I’ll preface this by saying I love Unicomp. They’re still dedicated to manufacturing keyboards with my favorite type of switch mechanism: the buckling spring. And they do a fantastic job at it! Go buy a Unicomp keyboard, just because!

In the same sense you can buy a brand new Corvette, it’s not the same machine as a ’63 Stingray. A brand new Unicomp keyboard isn’t the same as a nearly 30 year old IBM manufactured Model M, even though it’s basically cast from the same mold.

So, when you send your ’86 Model M to Unicomp for repair, they remove the sub-assembly (the heart and soul of an old M,  where all the typing action has taken place for decades) and replace it with a brand new sub-assembly. The original gets torn apart, the plastic barrel frame ran through a grinder for recycling, and the (much thicker) steel plate with beautiful galvanizing gets tossed in the scrap metal pile.

I prefer the more labor intensive route to preserve the legacy of the old ‘boards, a full fledged “bolt mod”.

  • What is a “bolt mod” and why do I need/want one?


Do you have any Model M’s for sale?

What are the differences between the manufacturing years?

Do you paint cases?

Do you have spare parts for sale?

If I buy a Model M online, can I have it shipped directly to you for cleaning/bolt modding?

All of this looks like too much work, why shouldn’t I just buy a brand new keyboard?

Do you accept trades for your services?

Can you convert my Model M to USB/Bluetooth?

In my bolt mod research, most of the ones I’ve seen use screws and nuts. You only use screws. Is your method as durable?

I attempted a bolt mod and kinda messed it up, can you fix it for me?

Do you repair Unicomp keyboards?

Does a bolt mod make a Model M feel “different”?



Questions that haven’t been asked, but would amuse me if they were:

My Model M reached terminal velocity before hitting a very hard surface, can you fix it?

My Model M was burnt to a charred lump in an inexplicable fire, can you salvage it?

I ran my Model M through a dishwasher and now it doesn’t work, can you fix it?


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