Model M Overhaul Service!

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1.  take apart (a piece of machinery or equipment) in order to examine it and repair it if necessary.
2.  a thorough examination of machinery or a system, with repairs or changes made if necessary.

  • Found a super filthy Model M in a storage closet that you’re afraid to touch?
  • Does your favorite board feel tired and perhaps has a quirk or two?
  • Spill your sugary diabetic-coma-inducing coffee or other beverage all over your beloved board?
  • Perhaps you feel guilty about the bag of potato chip crumbs inside the keyboard you’ve been using for two decades and want to treat it to something special..?
  • Feel like giving me a challenge with that nasty M you found sitting outside for years…?
  • Just missing a bunch of rivets and want to do some preventative maintenance?

Whatever your reason, I’d be happy to take the challenge and overhaul your Model M!


  • Cleaning of all components – keys, case, membrane sheets, barrel frame, and steel plate.
  • Reinforce/attach broken internal case studs.
  • Replacement of all plastic rivets with stainless steel machine screws. Model M’s were not designed to be repaired, so putting the sub-assembly back together involves replacing the heat pressed plastic rivets with screws. This is commonly known as a “bolt mod”, “nutless bolt mod”, or “screw mod”.
  • Laminate internal label on early models for preservation. If the outside label is falling off I will laminate and re-attach as necessary.
  • Replacement of individual springs as necessary.
  • Ensure the double-width keys aren’t sticking.


I also offer these additional options:

  • Painted underlay mat for a subtle splash of color underneath the keys for $10.  Available colors are: Red, green, light blue, royal blue, yellow, orange, raspberry, pink,  metallic copper, and purple.
  • Internally convert from PS/2 to USB providing direct USB connection for $38.  Port options are: USB-B, Mini, Micro, and Type C.

Port choices other than USB-B are an extra cost due to extra time spent soldering/testing and the cost of the connectors themselves. Micro and Mini are an extra $5.  Type C is an extra $9 (I opted for a high quality Wurth component).  I’ll add the extra cost to the final invoice.

Both of those options are available from the drop down menu next to “Add To Cart”.   For the moment I’ll only be offering these products in  combination with the Overhaul Service.


My experience comes from over 200 full tear downs and rebuilds. Typical turnaround time (not including transit) is somewhere between a week and over a month depending on what my schedule allows. I don’t rush my work, and I’m not done until I’m happy with the way it feels. If I can’t comfortably type at least 100 words per minute, I tweak it until I can.

Essentially, your Model M will stay in my care until I’m absolutely satisfied with it and the quality of whatever add-ons you may have opted for. Sometimes I’m right on the dot, sometimes it takes me a little longer.

  • If your board has non-registering keys due to a ruined circuit membrane (typical damage from a previous liquid spill) I will replace it with a brand new one from Unicomp for an extra $10. For Space Saving variants, brand new circuit membranes don’t exist in the wild – however, I do have some on hand that I had custom manufactured for an extra $15.

How does this work/where do I start?

When you purchase this service you will receive a confirmation email with the address to ship your keyboard(s) to as well as some packaging tips.  If you don’t receive that email, it’s probably in your spam folder.

When it comes time to ship your board(s) back I typically just send you a PayPal invoice for the return shipping cost . Or you can include your own return label (USPS and FedEx only please – the UPS Store is a bit far away from me…).

What about Unicomp’s Repair Service?

I love Unicomp.  They still continue to manufacture excellent keyboards here in the USA using my favorite buckling spring switch, as well as cater to the keyboard enthusiast community.  Unfortunately, their repair service doesn’t do what I do.  Their repair involves replacing the internals of your keyboard, the heart and soul of what’s been doing all of the typing for the past few decades, and the originals get shredded into scrap metal and plastic.  So, if you’re sentimental about keeping your M as stock as possible my service is the way to go.

Have a question or need more information? Leave me a note and I’ll get back with you!

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